Mestre Demetrius

Mestre DemétriusDemétrius Pereira Dos Santos (Mestre Demétrius) was born in Sao Gonçalo, a city in in the state of Rio de Janeiro. He had a difficult childhood and by the age of 8 months, his parents were divorced. He stayed with his father and left to live in the state of Mato Grosso.

It wasn't until 6 years later, in 1979, that he returned to Rio de Janeiro and had his first contact with Capoeira in Sao João De Meriti (RJ). By 1982, he started to practice Capoeira in a school back in Mato Grosso, but continued to have  a lot of problems because his dad was against it. His father didn't believe Capoeira could have play an important part in one's life.  He later realized his mistake.

Mestre Giltemberg

Mestre GiltembergGiltemberg Jesus de Oliveira was born March 25, 1972 in São Paulo - Capital. He first introduction to capoeira was in 1982 where he began learning behind the school where he studied.

In 1984, he enrolled in the academy Axé do Berimbau under Mestre Gerson and remained in the group for 18 years, staying until December of 2002.

Mestre Bicudo

Mestrando BicudoI, Mestre Bicudo (Ludio Nei Fiorentim Nunes), as I am known in the world of Capoeira, was born in the city of Cuiabá in the State of Mato Grosso. My first contact with capoeira was in 1989 in association of Capoeira African Ballet (Prof. Japão).

In 1991, it was with much enthusiasm and dedication that I began my training with another teacher, the eldest student of Graduado Soneca, and today nicknamed: PROFESSOR FATTAL.  I trained with him directly until my 3° cord.  In 1994, I moved to Cuiabá and through my good relationship with my teacher, FATTAL, I started to train with Contra Mestre at the time, Demétrius (today a Mestre). 

Mestrando Fabio90

Professor Fabio90Fabio Luiz Noventa, known as Fabio90 in the capoeira world, was born in 1979, in a small town in Brazil called Valinhos. He started capoeira in Sao Paulo - Brazil when he was 7 years old, and since then, has never stopped.

Mestre Armandinho

Mestre ArmadinhoArmando Nunes do Nascimento, known in the Capoeira world as Armandinho, was born May 4, 1973 in the city of Pindobaçú/Bahia. His first contact with Capoeira was in 1987 at Associação de Capoeira Sereia do Mar (Mestre Lourival).

In 1989, he moved to São Paulo with much enthusiasm and dedication to continue his training. In 1994, he graduated as a formado with Associação de Capoeira Netos de Amaralina under the direction of Mestre Chimbica.

Mestre Zizo

Mestrando ZizoJoão Carlos Espirito Santo was born June 24, 1969 in São Paulo - Capital. He began  Capoeira in June 1981 with Mestre Baianinho and the Association of Capoeira Ilha do Abaeté.

In 1991, after graduating as a Professor of Capoeira, he founded the Grupo of Capoeira Meninos de Aruando and organized many diverse events to benefit the growth of his group.

In 1998, he graduated to Contra-Mestre of Capoeira through a Capoeira society and friends honoring the deceased Mestre Baianinho.

Mestrando Sagaz

Professor SagazI started to train Capoeira in 1994 and from that day til now there is not one day I have thought of leaving Capoeira and I have not had one week where I have stopped doing kicks.

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