Mestrando Fabio90

Professor Fabio90Fabio Luiz Noventa, known as Fabio90 in the capoeira world, was born in 1979, in a small town in Brazil called Valinhos. He started capoeira in Sao Paulo - Brazil when he was 7 years old, and since then, has never stopped.

Capoeira has become his passion, his life. Fabio was a member of a capoeira group called Liberdade for 9 years where he became a teacher. During this time, he traveled around Brazil participating in many Capoeira events. It was in 2001, in one of these trips that he met Mestre Demetrius, who invited him to join his group, CapuraGinga. After that, he met Mestre Loka, the president of CapuraGinga and he invited Fabio90 to go to Israel to give classes and workshops.

Since that time, Fabio90 also made a DVD with another teacher, named Mago, showing capoeira and acrobatic movements. He has also a participated on the 2ª CD CapuraGinga CD and the DVD "The Dance of Freedom".

Today, he continues to develop his work with Aruandê Capoeira in Toronto - Canada and traveling around for capoeira events, classes and workshops.